Educational approach

The program Advanced Studies in Nephrology is a student-centered blended learning approach whereby the learner interacts with other students and with the tutors through balanced integration of the online & face-to-face environments.

Students work individually and then share experience with each other through dedicated online forums, chat tool, and virtual conferences.

Customised OnLine Training (COLT) is the main educational approach of the program. It offers flexibility, accommodates the time constraints of the trainees, and saves long-distance travel and housing expenses.

It focuses on case studies and article-based analysis.

It is moderated by tutors who will be in regular contact with the students to guide them, to answer questions, and to maintain momentum.

Assessments will fit a formative paradigm

  • They are designed to assess learning,
  • Acquisition of skills,
  • To provide an opportunity to make up for gaps in knowledge by offering links to relevant teaching material.