Module structure 


All the activities of the module are presented  in group spèecific menus. They are of two types:

Individual activities that are constituted of (i) article-based, and/or (ii) case-based  studies.

Group activities

The participants must fulfil individual and group assignments, e.g. answer specific questions related to a case or an article, prepare specific tasks.


The course content is an individual activity where students are required to study a set of web pages linked in a hierarchical way that are accessed through a menu. Pages contain summarized information on the topics covered in each module, links to external web pages, illustrations, animations, videos, sound, and access to scientific literature. The content can be studied independently on its own or accessed from the different activities. Page content is enhanced with additional information that can be viewed in an expanded text area or in a pop-up window if an illustration or an animation is needed.


Each module concludes with a self-assessment to help and check whether the student’s learning objectives have been met. Self-assessments are quizzes consisting of a variety of multiple choice and free text questions with didactic feedbacks.